World History

History of the World in 26 Minutes

History of the World in 1500 Words

British History

The Dark Ages

              King Penda


              Offa of Mercia



Ethelred the Unready

Roger Bacon

Hundred Years War 

John of Gaunt

Charles VII

Jacques Coeur

Jean de Dunois

Jean Bureau

Arthur de Richemont

The Battle of Formigny

The Duke of Suffolk

Jack Cade

The Battle of Castillon


Robert Burns

Boston Tea Party

Napoleon at Toulon

William Morris

20th Century

American History

Boston Tea Party

George Washington

James Madison


Jefferson Davis

Of Mice and Men


European History

Leopold ll of Belgium

Assassination at Sarajevo


Oriental History

Liu Bang

Silk Road


Cheng He

Spice Trade

Indian Mutiny

Foundation of Israel


Scientific History

Roger Bacon

Ambroise Paré

William Harvey

John Hunter

Joseph Lister


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